Newly weds holding hands on beach in Naples, Florida

Your Wedding Valet at LaPlaya Beach & Golf Resort

LaPlaya Beach & Golf Resort knows that wedding bliss starts with seamless planning.  With a spectacular beachfront setting, this luxury property, popular with guests from around the world and famous as Naples’ most romantic oceanside restaurant acts like your wedding valet.

“Here at LaPlaya we truly customize the signature element, said Leonor Cuadra, Director of Conference Services and Catering. “We encourage you to incorporate your special touch to make this memorable and we work with you every step of the way.”

At your side long before your stay, LaPlaya brings superior customer service to constantly innovate to make any dream come true–from meticulously drawn menus with endless options for fresh food and crafted cocktails, to exquisite bridal suite honeymoon activities – and now even virtual tours.

As the Covid-19 pandemic made site tours challenging, LaPlaya quickly turned to customized virtual tours as a way to introduce couples to the charms of the enchanting property, newly renovated to the tune of more than $30 million. With its signature white-glove touch, LaPlaya reenacts guest tours the way a typical visit would take place, starting at the valet and through the lobby – where the resort’s beautiful coastal chic design is complemented by ample natural light and breezy music–complete with peaks of its private beach scenery, award-winning restaurant BALEEN and intimate, breathtaking spots ready made for ceremonies and cocktail receptions.

Seeing is believing. “The stunning scenery, the chic and updated furnishings, modern, but not cold,” make for a perfect balance for a wedding day, says Lisa Radlovacki,  a jetsetting wedding planner. “The boho-chic allure of this incredible place makes you feel at home right away and yet transported in the land of the dream you imagined for your wedding. For us, LaPlaya is now our not-so-secret paradise and my first choice for weddings.”

A party as large as 325 persons (prior to physical distancing) could easily fit into one of LaPlaya’s magnificent ballrooms, and yet your group will still feel intimate while hobnobbing at various cozy spots throughout the property. “I got to know distant relatives at my LaPlaya wedding,” said Colleen B, a bride from Toronto. “We all spent a lot of time at the tiki bar.”

And now that brides are paying extra attention to physical distancing their guests, they are selectively condensing the size of their events without sparing the wow effect. Cuadra said she and her team at LaPlaya are working to deliver on resort weddings that are “intimately over the top,” and as memorable as if they were much larger.

The resort has designed specialty interactive packages for both the bride and the groom and their friends. In addition to pre-nuptial nail and makeup artistry from the pampering staff at its luxurious SpaTerre, the resort also offers brides and their attendants customized indulgences to enjoy in a Bridal Suite pre ceremony and photos, while the groom and his friends can choose to golf on LaPlaya’s 72-hole championship course, charter a boat to cruise the Gulf waters or simply bond at the pool, with ample selections of grub food and beer.

“I will always remember our wedding at LaPlaya for three things,” said “Laura P, of Massachusetts. “An unbelievable sunset on the Gulf of Mexico, the way he looked at me during our ceremony, and the best kir royale I have ever had, delivered by our beach butler.”


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