Naples spa treatment space.

SpaTerre Services

Create your perfect Naples, FL spa day

Grooming and Glamour


  • Classic Manicure and Pedicure – $45/$65
  • Signature Manicure and Pedicure – $75/$95
  • Key Lime Margarita Manicure and Pedicure – $65/$85

Nail Enhancements

  • Paraffin Hand or Foot Treatment – $20
  • French Style Polish – $12
  • Polish Refresher or Touch-up – $20
  • Glycolic Resurfacing Treatment – $15
  • Shellac Polish – $20

Make-up Artistry

  • Make-up Application – $75
  • Make-up Lesson – $95

Facial and Body Depilation

  • Lip – $25
  • Chin – $25
  • Brow – $25
  • Face – $80
  • Underarm – $40
  • Forearms starting from – $50
  • Bikini starting from – $60
  • Half Leg starting from – $60
  • Full Leg starting from – $80
  • Back starting from – $90

Global Rituals

Javanese Royal Treatment
Lose yourself in this lavish ritual direct from the palaces of Java. Includes a luxurious Balinese massage, essential oil and herbal exfoliation, a cool yogurt splash and shower. To complete your experience, sink into a traditional soaking tub prepared with rose petals and infused with tropical fragrances.
110 min. $275

Fire Stick Purify
Inspired by the traditional smoke ceremonies of the aboriginal people, this rite begins with a smudging ceremony followed by a lime blossom scrub and deeply hydrating massage renewing the skin, leaving it glowing and supple. This exotic treatment relaxes and refreshes with the heavenly scent of lime blossoms infused into our exquisite sugar scrub, rich with nourishing macadamia oil. Next, the ergonomically designed BoomaGlam molds to the contours of the body with gentle even pressure to further release tension and stimulate rejuvenating energy. After a hot towel compress, our luscious Body Nourish crème is used for a massage to relieve aches and pains while promoting soft, satin skin from head to toe.
80 min. $220

Ancient Earth Clay Wrap
Our ancient earth cleanse provides the elements for this treatment to gently nurture the physical, emotional, and spiritual body. The rite begins with a dry brushing of the skin to remove dead skin cells and the application of a full body macadamia clay mask. This is followed by a full body massage using our luxuriously rich body butter, combining long gentle strokes with kneading and firm circular movements for relaxation and to increase circulation of blood and lymph.
80 min. $220

Facial Enhancements

Wrinkle Reversing Treatment
This dynamic treatment resurfaces dead, damaged skin cells to open pathways for the nourishing benefits of a new advanced SGF-4 technology (Skin Growth Factors). Collagen is stimulated, fine lines and wrinkles are plumped, and skin tissue becomes instantly firmer and more toned.

Re-Vital Eyes Treatment
This dynamic treatment targets all the major concerns involving your eyes. Add this to any facial to reduce dark circles, puffiness around the eye area while plumping and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.

Lip Perfection
Plumping and Smoothing mask - Papaya Enzymes combined with Hyaluronic Acid, Marine Collagen and Natural Fruit Enzymes instantly plumps the lip contour while exfoliating away flaky, chapped skin. Targets the upper lip to reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth. The result is softer, smoother, fuller, and more luscious lips.
Hand or foot paraffin masks - $20

Massage Therapies

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage
An innovative full body, muscular massage using warmed Himalayan salt stones and medium to deep pressure. The warmth of the stones helps in achieving a greater sense of relaxation. Special techniques are used in this routine to softly release muscles that typically get tight, sore or compromised.
50/80 min. $155/$215

Balinese Massage
Be transformed by our signature LaPlaya massage ritual, based on the traditions of Bali. A combination of acupressure, rolling motions and rhythmic strokes relieves tension and promotes total relaxation.
50/80 min. $155/$215

Tropical Essence Massage
The perfect antidote to lift your mood. Start with a tropical mango body polish, and finish with an aromatic massage using a rare blend of tropical essential oils available only at SpaTerre.
50/80 min. $155/$215

BoomaGlam Massage
In homage to Australian heritage, an ergonomically designed Boomerang is used for deeply effective muscle therapy in this exclusive signature massage. The rite begins with a relaxing full body massage using pure luxurious Macadamia nut oil. It is an excellent combination of unique cultural touches and manual techniques for muscular aches and pains. This treatment provides maximum results utilizing short firm strokes, working pressure points along the energy meridians and using the BoomaGlam for deep muscle relief.
50/80 min. $155/$215

Mother-to-be Massage
Share a moment of serenity with your baby. Using specially contoured cushions, your massage will ease the discomforts that occur as your body changes. We request your physician& rsquo;s written consent.
50 min. $140

Traditional Swedish Massage
Unwind with this gentle, relaxing massage that improves circulation and vitality. Pressure can range from very light to medium. Your service incorporates your choice of Aromatherapy oil for a personalized touch.
50/80 min. $135/$205

Sports/Deep-Tissue Massage
Facilitate muscle recovery with this moderate to firm deep tissue massage, designed to relieve soreness resulting from exertion or exercise. Gain an improved range of motion and increased flexibility.
50/80 min. $135/$205

Massage Express
A quick pick-me-up, which is a customized massage to address your immediate needs.
25 min. $75

Foundation Rejuvenation
Treat your feet and lower legs to this rejuvenating massage. Eastern and Western techniques are employed to release tight muscles, improve circulation and clear the mind.
25 min. $75

In-Room Massage
Enjoy a relaxing massage in the comfort of your room. Our & ldquo;Companion Special& rdquo; includes two back-to-back 50-minute massages. (Advanced booking is required.)
In-Room massage is an additional $60

Massage Enhancements

Add these services and rituals to a massage or facial and enhance your SpaTerre experience.

Japanese Soaking Tub Ritual
Sink into a traditional Japanese soaking tub with fresh flower petals and infused with aromatherapy essence. Relax and unwind before or after any of our spa experiences. Enjoy a hot cup of tea while you soak.
25 min. $65

Scalp Massage
Drift away as all the nerves in your body are soothed through the stimulation of points over the head and scalp. Can be done with or without therapeutic oils.
25 min. $70

Therapeutic Muscle Balm
Ask for this ancient Chinese pain-relieving formula to alleviate muscle soreness and stiffness.
$10 add-on

Mini Glow Body Scrub
A rich sugar rub is used to buff away dead skin cells to uncover smooth, radiant skin. Enjoy this service by itself or before/after any of our massage journeys.
25 min. $75

Scalp & Hair Treatment
This pre-shampoo treatment is best left in the hair for three hours or longer. Not recommended for fine or thin hair.
15 min. $35

SpaTerre Aromatherapy Blends
Used for centuries to improve overall health and relieve tension, essential-oil blends can turn any massage into an exotic indulgence. Choose from our custom blends of Relaxing, Stimulating, Balancing, or Romance.
$10 add-on

Island Fresh Scrub
Uncover smooth, glowing skin with this gentle exfoliation derived from raw sugar crystals, coconut oil and delicious tropical scents. Finally, enjoy an application of Fijian body butter to restore moisture as the fresh coconut aroma softens the skin.
50 min. $130

Body Indulgences

Milk & Honey Body Wrap
Avert the signs of aging with this naturally hydrating treatment. Includes a gentle, exfoliating sugar scrub, a moisturizing body wrap and a revitalizing hydrotherapy shower.
50 min. $130

Advanced Sunburn Relief
Calming sunburn spa treatment derived from healing herbal botanicals. Provides instant relief and prevents peeling, flaking skin. Includes a scalp or foot massage to ease tension and accelerate recovery.
25 min. $75

Nourishing Frangiapani Wrap
This lusciously fragrant, intensely moisturising body wrap will transport you to the Far East. The velvety texture of the Monoi oil offers super-hydration, quenching a thirsty skin. The aromatic oil is applied using sweeping strokes with maximum attention paid to any particularly parched areas. You are kept cocooned and warm while the moodbalancing aromatics and skin conditioning oils do their work. An emotionally grounding experience for skin that has never felt silkier.
50 min. $125

Facial Care

This luxurious facial is our most advanced, targeting all the major signs of aging, acne and hyperpigmentation. Our all inclusive treatment combines natural resurfacing ingredients to remove damaged, dull, discolored areas offering instant skin brightening, wrinkle reduction and deep pore cleaning. Active vitamin antioxidants, hylauronic acid are then applied to treat cells at the deeper skin level to activate collagen and elastin production and to provide maximum lifting. This facial includes a luxurious hand and arm treatment.
80 min. $180

This deep cleanse treatment is designed to exfoliate dry, dead skin cells, and target congested pores while hydrating dry areas. Warm towel compresses are used throughout the experience with invigorating scents of citrus and a stress-relieving face, neck and shoulder massage.
50 min. $130

This treatment uses the power of sugar cane based exfoliates to open pathways that deliver vitamins and nutrients to the lower skin layers, where active cell production takes place. Dead skin cells will be exfoliated, lines and wrinkles will be reduced, breakouts are healed and skin will become  more radiant, results are immediate. This facial includes a hand and arm massage using resurfacing and hydrating moisturizer.
50 min. $150

This treatment is designed to treat problem skin; our resurfacing properties and detoxifying mask will remove impurities and heal affected breakout areas. Bacteria are reduced, skin becomes purified and pores are deeply cleaned.
50 min. $130

This mini resurfacing treatment is suitable for all skin types and will instantly remove dead cell layers to reveal a brighter complexion. Antioxidants, Vitamin C and A are applied to fight free radical damage and stimulate collagen production.
25 min. $75

This is the treatment to tackle fine lines and wrinkles and help support the cellular structure of the skin. The proven benefits of marine charged Padina Pavonica and Red Coral help plump out fine lines, whilst Indian Mulberry reduces skinfatigue, helping relax wrinkles. Targeted lymphatic drainage massage re-energises and rejuvenates, while an age-defying peel-off mask encourages the highest cellular function, visibly improving firmness and elasticity for beautifully nourished, younger looking skin.
50 min. $170

This highly potent couture resurfacing treatment targets the signs of ageing and dull, tired, uneven skin tone. Specifically designed to work in conjunction with your skin’s unique structure, this pioneering precision layering protocol uses three layers of enzymes to nibble the dead skin away, revealing extraordinary results. This system delivers powerful exfoliation and renewal for smoother, younger looking skin, whilst a steam and extraction cleanses at a deeper level. A new start for new skin that has never looked better.
50 min. $135

BIOTEC Facials

BIOTEC facial treatments are where ground-breaking technology meets active ingredients and transformative touch. The pioneering innovation of the BIOTEC machine works to switch the skin back on, increasing its natural cellular energy. Technology turbo-charges touch. The clinically proven result? Thriving, visibly healthy and energized skin.

Wrinkles are targeted with firming and toning micro current pulses to stimulate the skin cells towards dynamic functionality. Circulation is improved, increasing the production of collagen and elastin, whilst the dermis is flooded with super Hyaluronic hydrating activators, sealed with a reenergising Amber balm. Red and blue light therapy warms and de-stresses the skin whilst a blast of oxygen delivers a breath of fresh air, effectively ironing out wrinkles and filling in lines. A powerfully rejuvenating facial treatment.
50/80 min. $180/$230

Rediscover the architecture of your face with this ground-breaking blend of massage and sculpting technology. Circulation stimulating Arjuna, Gardenia stem cells and Alaria Esculenta Seaweed are activated by microcurrent pulses to tighten slackening skin. Galvanic currents infuse the skin with bio-active formulas that hydrate and tone. The extra-cellular matrix of the skin is visibly strengthened, restoring elasticity and tenacity for a contoured complexion that is remarkably lifted.
50/80 min. $200/$250

This powerful, targeted skin-brightening treatment visibly illuminates the complexion, dynamically treating the appearance of uneven skin tone, discoloration and age spots. A unique complex of brightening actives, ultrasonic peel and light therapy is combined with precision massage to help wash out melanin and reduce dullness. A peel off mask of Vitamin C and Daisy extract reduces pigmentation, while mineral-rich Sea Algae intensely moisturizes. The result is skin that is youthful, refined and naturally translucent.
50/80 min. $200/$250

This is the facial to de-stress, de-age and de-fatigue the male complexion while activating ultimate skin dynamism. A triple hit of ultrasonic peeling, steam and galvanic current delivers a deep clean, simultaneously exfoliating and powering up Kalpariane’s anti-wrinkle properties and Samphire’s hydrating potency. An oxygen infusion is the final blast of energy for real, best face forward results. A multi-tasking, time efficient solution.
50/80 min. $160/$210