Naples golf course on lake.

Our Golf Course

The crème de la crème of Naples golf courses – LaPlaya Golf Course.

Find yourself teeing off on private, lush fairways and colorful bougainvillea. Traverse rolling hills and meticulously manicured greens that gently wind around 14 lakes and water features. Our 10-minute tee-off time allows for speed of play. You may even spot an eagle flying overhead. Our Naples Golf Resort offers a complete golf package for your next visit and also offers Naples golf club memberships to its private club.

Naples golf course at sunset.

Golf Course

LaPlaya Beach & Golf Resort’s 18-hole links golf course is the perfect escape. Designed by Robert Cupp, its scenic and challenging, and if offers an ideal way to prevent your game from getting rusty.

Here, in this private tropical oasis, all the best things in life are right at your fingertips. A sugar-white beach you can call your own.

Golf Fees

Golf course with sand trap.

Green Tips

Body Position: 
Bend from the waist so your arms hang freely, with your legs also slightly bent. Keep the weight on the balls of your feet, with your feet close together, about 6 inches apart. The weight of your body should favor your left side (reverse if left handed). You may want to feel as though your right hip is higher than your left. Your nose should be in front of the ball—this is vital to ensure your weight stays to your left side and when you stroke the ball, the club will be on a descending path.

Ball Position: 
The ball should be placed toward the back of your stance, or just inside your right ankle.

The Stroke: 
The stroke is made by moving your arms and chest at the same time and speed. Imagine you have a beach ball between your arms. When you move your arms and chest, the beach ball should not fall out. This motion may also feel as though you are tossing a ball under handed. Your hands should feel very light as you form them on the club. Keep in mind that if you were going to toss a ball you would not squeeze it. Another feel you might want to keep in mind is, this stroke is predominantly a right-sided feel.

Club Selection: 
When chipping the ball onto the green, you’ll want to land the ball on the putting surface as early as possible, as it is the most consistent surface on the course. The closer the target, the more lofted club you should choose. The more loft, the softer the landing, and the less roll once the ball lands on the green. Choose the club that allows the ball to “clear” the fringe and land on the green as early as possible. If the grass in front of you is hard or firm, you may want to choose your putter.